Before beginning his illustrious career as a top Sportball journalist, Terry ‘Tel’ Tidbit was lucky enough to play the game that he loves.

Due to a spate of unfortunate injuries in the main team, Tel came straight out of the West Crumpton Junior Reserves at just 16 to become the youngest player in the West Crumpton Wanderers side. A record to this date that still stands. Filling in at full-back, Tel would go on to be known by his most adoring fans as Tel ‘Total Sportball’ Tidbit, often coming off the bench when most needed, to play any position he was given. He loved the sport and loved to play, in those early days any chance was chance enough for Tel.

A jack of all trades and self-styled ‘super’ sub, Tel also went on to hold the record for most substituted player in the clubs history. Particularly in his later years when he made it a big part of his ethos to give the younger players a chance, by consistently being subbed in the first half.

Tel had many career highs, as all greats do. He helped Shillingford win promotion in the league one play offs, thanks to his sensational overhead own goal for West Crumpton Wanderers. The following season he was also lucky enough to briefly play in Der Fundasliga when he was offered out on loan. Playing for the Westlich Crumptgart Wandervogel, he became somewhat of a cult icon with fans calling him Terry ‘The Terrible’ Tidbit, with Tel citing his tenacity as a centre-half as the inspiration.

It hasn’t all been champagne and silverware though. When Tel’s career was dramatically cut short at the age of 37 Tel spiralled into obesity, following a misguided stint as a Stadium Pie, Food Critic: ‘I knew I’d hit rock bottom when even the Chicken Balti ones couldn’t spice me up’. After this Tel turned it all around. He got back into the game playing for his local Sunday league, and had a brief but boisterous stint as a top pundit for the cherished Channel 5 Sportball show ‘Full Time’. Following this he would have numerous TV appearances, and wasn’t afraid to challenge the boundaries of what sports TV entertainment could offer – such as appearing on ‘A Question of Sport’.

Until finally Terry found himself at the helm of The Sportball Blog, where he learned that he wasn’t just a talent on the pitch, but was a talent about the pitch. Transitioning from Total Sportballer to Total Pundit.

You can follow Terry Tidbit on Twitter, @teltidbit. He Tweets mostly about Sportball and lager.