From Breaking Transfer Records To Breaking Jaws

From breaking transfer records to breaking jaws, Oscar was issued an unbelievable 8 match ban for ‘inciting’ a brawl. Looking more like the latest Marvel blockbuster superhero movie than a Chinese Super League showdown, the clash came about just after Oscar had teamed up with fellow footie Avenger the Incredible Hulk to create a controversial equaliser.

In an official statement from the Super League they stated that the reputation of the league had fallen into disrepute. I for one concur, prior to first hearing about the Chinese Super League just now, I had previously held it in the same regard as the Extraordinary League of Champions, and the Major League Justice League of America.

Here’s hoping that once the ban has lifted, Oscar and The Hulk can go back to smashing the ball into the back of the net, instead of the back of another players head. Regardless you can’t help but agree with the Manager on this one, clearly the players were just being ‘passionate’. Which of course is a valid excuse for behaving like a prat.

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