The Special One: Dodging, Weaving, Tax Evading

The Christ Naldo rumour mill is at peak. There can be no further rumouring, speculation, vague analysis and or tweets. WRONG. Sources tell me that in a twist of fate the tax evasion stars have aligned, and they light a path in the night’s sky all the way from Madrid to Manchester.

Manager extraordinaire, known only as The Special One and the mastermind behind Ladchester United’s hugely successful 6th place finish last season, has in a genius move of solidarity with Naldo, also been accused of defrauding the Spanish government of tax money. Quite frankly the dedication by The Special One is nothing short of miraculous.

Look, everyone wants the 96 time winner of the Balloon Door on their team. Some will offer money, others will offer more money. But which other teams out there are willing to step in the same tax evading shoes? I bet none, no other teams, managers or players will be doing this.

Quite frankly this is proof in my mind that Naldo belongs back with Ladchester United. He was born and raised on the sacred grass there, then when he moved to the REAL Galacticos no Gimmicks FC in Madrid he met The Special One. Where they would forge a player/manager bond like no other. Now that bond has only been proven further. The connections are all there, the proof is unquestionable. Naldo will return to England, and it’s all thanks to The Special One,

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