Tel’s 2 pence on tax evasion

Christ Naldo, 76 time winner of the Balloon Door, and second only to Leo Messiah, is as we know near impossible to stop on the pitch. When his genius feet make contact with that hallowed ball he becomes enlightened. Dodging, weaving, evading, and ultimately defrauding the opposition of their fair share of the possession.

It’s a talent, plain and simple. But not one to be out done by the Messiah over at arch rivals the Real Barcelonads, Christ Naldo is apparently applying these talents off the pitch. Much like Messiah, Naldo has been attached to a string of tax evasion claims. But actually the potential legal ramifications of allegedly cheating the sovereign government of Spain (sly wink to the camera intact) aren’t important.

What is though, as one of my close sources tells me, is that Naldo is furious about the whole situation and wants to flee the country. That’s right ladies and gentleman, my source tells me that Ladchster United, where it all began for Naldo have been watching with a keen eye.  So before you know it Naldo could be flik flacking his way to England, to bring his unique brand of evasive manoeuvres back to the homeland of football.

Everyone’s a winner.


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